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Alex Bell’s life is a series of slammed doors, each one echoing into the next. Her dad, when she was seven. And when she was nine. And for the last time, when she was thirteen. Her mom, every Saturday night after she’d had too much to drink and Alex cut her off. Every single one of her relationships — boyfriends at first, when she was trying to convince herself she wasn’t a lesbian, and then her two real, long-term girlfriends, each door slamming louder than the last.

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Bicolline, a huge LARPing town where people go to hit each other with fake weapons and wage a full-blown fictional war, is as far removed from Cory Finley’s interests as can be. He’s much more of a city boy, needing nightlife, coffee shops, and most importantly, cellphone service to thrive.

That is, at least, until Mitch mentions the costumes. She’s played an innkeeper there for the past three summers and she says Cory’s a natural.

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This is how Hugo usually feels when Julia’s talking to him, but it’s never been more accurate than now, as he comes out of the bar bathroom, hurrying to get back upstairs before last call.

He almost slams into Julia on his way out the door, but she just giggles and rights him on his feet, hands on his chest.

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