do the damn thing

you never think you can do it, until you do.

you go, i’m too scared, i’m not good enough, what if i screw up?

you go, this is not my place.

you spin a thousand what-ifs, a thousand reasons to stop yourself from ever getting out of your comfort zone.

you silence yourself before anyone else can do it.

you blame it on the anxiety, you say it’s self-care.

but sometimes, the best way you can take care of yourself is by seizing opportunities.

opportunities to grow and shine, and maybe to screw up and learn.

you cannot grow if you never fail.

but also, you cannot grow if you don’t acknowledge your strengths.

yes, it’s gonna be hard, but you can do it. you’ve done so many things.

just look back.

did you think you could ever achieve that thing?

yet you did.

of course you need hard work, and timing, and sometimes even a bit of luck.

but the first step is always you deciding to do the thing. no excuses. no buts, no what ifs.

just show up.

and do the damn thing.

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